800g / 28oz Bulk Natural Sugar Formula (wax only)

800g / 28oz Bulk Natural Sugar Formula (wax only)

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For experienced users only - not a kit format - does not come with strips.


  • 2 x 400g Natural Sugarwax Jars
  • 1 Plastic Spatula

The safe, simple and sure way to remove unwanted hair.
Our unique formula adheres only to hair, not to delicate skin.
Fast and gentle - leaves skin silky smooth for weeks.
Discourages re-growth.
All natural, ingredients: sugar, water, lemon extracts.
Completely water soluble - residue easily washes away with water.
Environmentally friendly.
Ready-to-use, cold or warm, any time - no mess.
For legs, body, and facial hair.
Instructions, reusable cloth strips and spatula inside.

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