Tips for new users:

1. Please read instructions completely before you begin

2. Though all Wax-A-Way® ingredients are natural and non-irritating, we do not recommend its use on irritated or injured skin, over varicose veins, moles, or warts

3. Its best to take the time to check for sensitivity by performing a small patch test on the area you intend to treat. Do this test 24 hours before treatment.

4. Practice your technique on legs and arms before progressing to more sensitive areas of the body, such as face or bikini line.

5. If you have previously used razors or depilatory creams, your hair may be irregular, coarse and resistant. It may, therefore, be necessary to wait until hair is about 5mm (1/4 inch) long before waxing. With subsequent use, you’ll find re-growth will be weaker and shorter hairs will be easily removed.

6. If hair is longer than 10mm (1/2 inch), trim back with scissors before waxing.

7. In hot weather, use in front of a fan or air conditioner.

For best results, skin must be dry and free of oil. Wash area with soap and lukewarm water. Dry thoroughly, and dust skin lightly with baby powder before you wax.

Wax-A-Way® is best used warm. For best results, we recommend softening it to the consistency of liquid honey by either micro-waving the open jar on high for 30-45 seconds, or placing the open jar under a hairdryer or light bulb for 5-7 minutes.

Never allow any moisture, water, oil, or any foreign substance to enter the jar.

Slowly stir the sugar wax and test the temperature by applying a small amount (using spatula) to the ball of your thumb. Sugar wax should feel comfortably warm to the skin. Re-heat as required.

Keep a damp washcloth handy for cleaning your hands during application.



1. Using a spatula, spread a very thin layer of sugar wax on the desired area. Always apply in the same direction as the hair grows in.




2. Place a cloth strip over the waxed area and firmly smooth in with your hands, rubbing up and down, to ensure the cloth adheres perfectly to the sugar wax.



3. Without waiting, hold the skin below the strip with one hand, so waxed area is taut. Firmly grasp lower end of strip with the other hand and in one rapid movement, pull strip in the opposite direction to the hair growth. As you pull, stay as close and parallel to the skin as possible.




When pulled off quickly staying close to the skin, sugar wax will come away cleanly and freely, causing minimum discomfort.

Peeling slowly or cautiously won’t produce the desired result.

Proceed to the next area and repeat these three steps until the total area is hair-free. The same strip may be used approximately 3-4 times. For sensitive areas, avoid repeating treatment on one given spot during the same session.

Also, be sure to check out specialized instructions on treating Legs and Arms, Underarms, Facial Hair, and Bikini Line.



It’s best to divide your legs and arms into upper and lower sections, and sugar wax one section completely before beginning the next. On areas where skin is lose, such as thighs, it is important to stretch the skin taut as described in General Application. When removing hair from kneecaps, bend knee and sugar wax.




Remember to note direction of hair growth - it may vary from section to section. Hair on forearms usually grows from inner to outer arm, therefore apply sugar wax across the arm’s width and pull off against growth.



Dust with baby powder to absorb any perspiration during application. Keep skin taut by placing your hand behind your head and lifting your elbow. Hair growth can vary in direction, so check growth pattern before you start. Avoid using deodorant or antiperspirant for 24 hours after waxing.



For upper lip application, treat each side separately. Cut cloth strip into narrow pieces to cover area between nostril and upper lip on each side. Apply outward from centre and remove towards centre. Keep area taut by stretching your lip over your teeth.



Treat the sides of the face, eyebrows, and chin in a similar way, a small area at a time. Immediately after treatment, splash area with cold water, pat dry and soothe by applying an ice cube and/or pure aloe vera gel.



As with facial hair, it’s best to treat this delicate skin in small areas, cutting cloth strips to size. Bend leg outwards, keep skin taut and remove hair as described.

Rinse with cool, soothing water and pat dry.
Apply pure aloe vera gel as needed.
Frequently after waxing, the areas you’ve treated turn pink and small dots appear. This is temporary, and will disappear within hours.
If you experience any ingrown hairs, simply remove them with tweezers. Regular use of loofah will help to prevent ingrown hairs.
Avoid hot baths or showers immediately before or after waxing. Lukewarm water is fine.
Avoid using deodorants, antiperspirants, alcohol, or astringents immediately after waxing.
The sensitivity felt during the first treatment is greatly reduced with subsequent use.
The cloth strips can be washed and re-used for future treatments. Simply hand wash them in warm water and let them air dry.
Store jar, properly sealed, in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate in hot/humid climates.